Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Before I was married, overripe bananas were a regular part of life. I would peel, cut, and add one or two a week to the plastic bag in my freezer. Whenever I wanted to make a smoothie or banana bread, I always had some overripe bananas on hand.

However, in the last few years bananas have become a scarce commodity in the kitchen. We go through at least eight bananas a week between the three of us, and I’m sure we would eat more if given the opportunity.┬áNow that I plan ahead for my meals (and sometimes snacks), I vocally set aside the number of bananas that need to last until the weekend when I bake.


Banana bread can be quite unhealthy, with lots of added sugars and fat, which is why I prefer this recipe. I also love that it is one bowl (if you mix the liquids in the measuring cup – which is my standard practice for decreasing dishes) and no mixer required. The bread packs in lots and lots of banana without too much added sweetener, I usually decrease the sweetener to 1/4 cup if my bananas are overripe. Two packed cups of banana is about 5 1/2 large bananas for me, and I have to fight for every last one, even though the whole family devours the baked bread.